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Ready to experience powerful music that makes you want to dance? A nightclub experience mainly planned around EDM music and dancers that make your dreams come true.

Twintania | Shirogane | Ward 21 | Plot 19

Part of the Lotus Community


X'aru Noxium

Owner of the Lotus Community, and ready to serve an exclusive experience for everyone who's looking for something refreshing. Always open to talk to.


Yendan Naorij

Private dance / Roleplay / Slightly erotic / Pansexual

Yendan is one of our dancers, he will do his best to make your nights in our club even more magical. He is a passionate and empathic Hrothgar, but if you desire, you can spend some private time with him to see the primal and dominant beast that lurks inside of him.

Selenophilia Orenda

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Selen is 25 years old. She loves to dance, flirt and laugh. The miqo'te lost her parents when she was 13 years old. But she never had to struggle cause her parents left her a whole lot of money. So she does this job for fun not for the money. Selen is a switch that really enjoyes both sides of it. She knows how to play with males and females well, so she prefers no gender.

Misaki Chan

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Misaki is an open-minded young pansexual Miqo'te and her appearance often reminds of a vixen. Also known as "the lewd vixen" she discovered her passion for dancing early and quickly knew how to use her erotic assets. She welcomes anyone regardless of race and gender who would like to play and dance with her and maybe get a little more intimate. She will gladly fulfill your deepest desires and wishes, can also capture this time together with her magic on pictures. Join her for an unforgettable night.

Kyo Ise

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Young man from the sun-keeper tribe with a hot blooded temperament and firm hand. A master of pleasure, hire him for a seductive dance or step into his room and let him fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Arysta Suzura

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Don't let her shy, calm demeanour fool you. This ash-browned Miqo is feisty, daring with a sharp tongue to match, but above all: dangerous! The ocean-eyed Insubordinate Brat hails from the deepest parts of the Gridanian forests. Her sly and cunning ways can melt even the most Dominating of sorts! But should you claim her into submission her melodic tones of bliss would soothe any savage beast. Do you dare to take on this Seeker named Arysta?

Astrid Stormborne

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Do you enjoy a challenge? Allow Astrid’s playful gaze to lure you into her trance. She is a sorceress who is always looking for new things to try, but found an unexpected love for dance and the connection to people she gets through it. With her, you’ll never know what will happen next, but you can be sure that she loves playing games and will find out how to push your buttons. She will enjoy every small victory she gets... but will also take all consequences of defeat, if you make her. Are you confident you will get to call the shots?

Kiyuh Fen

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Kiyuh was born in Kugane, but forced to move away when she was a young child. After hearing stories about her birthplace all her life, it has become her main goal to one day be able to oversee its full glory from the top of Kugane tower. For now, though, the cheery Miqo'te has settled for dancing the night away in clubs and she loves to help others enjoy their night as well. Ready to show off her fangs at any time, you shouldn't underestimate her based on her cute appearance though.

Kathleen Ho

Private dance / Roleplay / Erotic Roleplay

Kathleen a beach blond Viera with dangerous curves. Devoted to pleasure, she is not only an expert when it comes to the arts of seduction upon the stage with sultry motions sparked by her sun-kissed frame but also a sinner in the sheets. Drawing you in with her amber eyes, she'll give you a ride you'll never forget.


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Bar Staff

Navu'a Naorij

This freckled Au Ra spent the majority of her youth inside the walls of Crystarium, especially down at the Hortorium, where she cared for her beloved flowers and herbs. Trying to make use of her knowledge, she eventually joined the apothecaries at the Spagyrics, providing the people of her hometown with various herbal tonics and medicinal salves, much unlike her sister who always had a tendency to give in to the less glorious profession of pickpocketing. Somehow she convinced her twin sister to mend her ways and become both a mercenary and the front of house manager at Magical Nights - a club she recently joined as a barkeeper at the time. At last, the arts of alchemy and mixology are not as different from another than she thought in the first place.

Front of House

Kamiri Naorij

Kamiri is the front of house manager. She will greet you, help you find your way around and take your bookings.
Together with her sister Navu'a she works at Magical Nights and will steal one or one too many shots of Tequila a night.


Private dance: 50,000g for a 30 minute dance with your favourite dancer. In our Venue

RP Only

Private room for two 50,000g Get yourself a room for 30 minutes and experience a magical night with your date.

No Dancer Included

Private entertainment 100,000g Spend 30 minutes with your favourite dancer in a private room!
No ERP Involved

Private ERP entertainment 150,000g Spend 30 minutes with your favourite dancer in a private room! (60 Min minimum)
ERP included

VIP lounge access 50,000g for you +1. Enter our VIP area with pools and enough space to spend some private moments with another person of your choice.

The VIP Area is available for everyone paying for it, so there can be other guests in the room with you.

We're looking for more interested dancers who want to work with us! For further information, message X'aru on our Discord server (link below)


  • Every service or drink offered does require actual Gil as payment.

  • Yell and shout chat ist reserved for our staff. Please keep that in mind.

  • Spamming skills and spells in our venue is not allowed.

  • Please dismiss all pets and hide your weapon before entering our venue.

  • Keep the normal chat SFW.

  • Please keep the chat english.

Entering our venue involves accepting the rules and the possibility, that someone could take pictures of your character.

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